Interview: Authentic Language

Written by on April 11, 2016


Interview by: Chelsea Panin

Chelsea sat down with Authentic Language to find out more about them and just who they are.

If you’re looking for a new creative spin on rap music, you have to check out Authentic Language. Members include: vocalist, Sav, with Sleep and Hauzzy on instrumentals and vocals. Sav and Sleep are from Medina, OH and Hauzzy, from Olmstedfalls, OH. Another local band discovered with such unique talent.

What do you hope to accomplish as a group?

Sav- Our main goal is reaching out to people. We care about our listeners, how they feel and the impact we make.

Sleep- We do more than just make music. We also started designing our own clothing. Music is where we started but we love expanding and are looking to expand more with clothing and other opportunities coming up. We love branching off and doing different things and hope some day to be seen as more of a political figure than just artists. We want to start and be involved in movements that don’t always have to do with music.

What makes Authentic Language unique?

Hauzzy-The way we spit; it is original. I like to think it is not what you do; it is how you do it.

Sav- Hauzzy’s productions (instrumentals) are something I have never heard before. Also, we are all self taught. We taught ourselves how to EQ (EQ stands for equalizer, for my people who aren’t fluent in production lingo).

Hauzzy- We do this thing called sampling which is when you record a noise, anywhere from someone laughing to a finger tapping on a table, and you create an instrumental from it. We take what we have and take advantage of it. We don’t need expensive things to sound good.

What performance experience have you had as a group?

Sav- We have played at The Agora in Cleveland, OH and we have also played at The Stone Tavern in downtown Kent, OH, along with several house gigs. We have opened for Shwayze, Huey Mack, Mike G and Left Brain.

Sleep- Performing at house gigs are fun because they are more personal and energetic. Its easier to connect with your audience when they are standing at the same level as you. When our fans start to know the words it’s awesome.
Sav- We are always looking to meet other artists in the area to make music with and branch out.
Hauzzy- We’ve dropped a lot of new music lately and we’ll be dropping more.

The most recent song dropped was “Stars Collide” and the group has recently launched a clothing line! You can find the clothing line on any of their social media accounts. The three of them produce music on their own but this interview was singly focused on them as a group versus individually. Be on the lookout for “Spend That” dropping this Sunday, April 10th.
Catch Authentic Language open for Curren$y at the Agora in Cleveland, Ohio on May 5th. Tickets can be purchased through Authentic Language’s social media accounts.

You can connect and stay updated with Authentic Language by following them on their social media accounts listed below.

Facebook- Authentic Language
Twitter- @AUTHLANG, @lahko_noc and @authenticSAV
Instagram- hvxzzy, lahko_walking, and authentic_sav

Stay Authentic, Please.

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