Concert Review: The Front Bottoms at The House of Blues

Written by on November 8, 2017

Photos by: Sophie Minello

The Front Bottoms consist of a unique sound that sets them apart from other bands. The band recently released more groundbreaking music on their album entitled “Going Grey.” This album created a different sound unlike The Front Bottoms’ past albums. In the past, The Front Bottoms created music with an edgy tone.

In this new album, the songs portray a more cheerful vibe, still keeping their consistency of edgy lyrics. Singer Brian Sella’s unique vocals bring a fresh new feeling to music with his distinctive vocals and passionate lyrics, setting them aside from other alternative bands.

The band’s new contribution to music, “Going Grey,” consists of a new electronic feel with songs such as “You Used to Say (Holy Fuck)” and “Trampoline.” This new exclusive sound does not change the passion their fans share for the band. The band traveled to Cleveland’s House of Blues Wednesday night for a sold-out show.

The first opening act of the night was Bad Bad Hats, who gave the audience a cause for excitement through their groovy musical tunes. Singer Kerry Alexander holds an extraordinary voice that the audience admired, causing them to jump around during their set.

The next opening act was a U.K. band, known as Basement. Some audience members knew the band and filled with energy as they saw the band take stage. The pit began to grow ecstatic, knowing that The Front Bottoms were due to be on stage soon.

Leading up to their entrance, The Front Bottoms displayed various projectors and a large banner of the “Going Grey” album cover. These videos projected included music videos, videos of the band and different videos of scenery. The Front Bottoms hit the stage with a popular single off their new album titled, “You Used to Say (Holy Fuck).” The crowd began to grow wild and screamed the lyrics in unison. The crowd’s spirit rose as audience members jumped and danced along.  

The crowd maintained their recklessness throughout new and old songs. The audience began to calm as the first notes of their song “West Virginia” played, they basked in the music as they watched singer, Brian Sella, emotionally sing the powerful lyrics.

As the night drew on, the band played “Twin Size Mattress,” there most streamed Spotify song. With the sound of the beginning chords, the crowd screamed with excitement. The audience flooded with joy while singing the lyrics along with the band. The band then slowly left the stage, but the audience knew there were a few more songs to be heard.

The venue began to cheer “TFB” hoping for just one more song to end the night. Sella then stepped onto the stage with only his guitar to accompany him while beginning to play “Twelve Feet Deep.” The crowd sparked with delight, excited for the band to take stage again. The rest of the band members began to take stage as the chorus to the song approached.

As the night began to come to an end, Sella asked the audience if they had any final song requests they would like to hear. The crowd roared in disagreement. The band began to whisper to each other as they agreed to play “Peach”. The crowd screamed with happiness as they enjoyed one of the final songs of the night.

During their final song, “Ocean”, audience members sang with their last ounce of energy. The projectors displayed on stage began to fade out. The Front Bottoms left the stage as waves crashing on the shore were displayed by the projectors.

Audience members left the venue with full hearts after the amazing performance.
To experience the unique, sound The Front Bottoms have to offer, listen to their latest album Going Grey.

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