Don’t Miss This Week: Jocelyn and Chris Arndt (Beachland Ballroom, August 3)

Written by on August 2, 2017

Photo Courtesy of: Glide Magazine

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt have been playing music together for as long as they could remember and their parents are thrilled to see siblings getting along so well. But then again, what parent wouldn’t be excited seeing their kids play music with each other instead of plotting out ways to get revenge on one another?

The duo can easily be compared to The White Stripes, Jack White at the time was married and played with his then wife, Meg White. Jocelyn and Chris tour with a full band; you forget that it’s just two people as their explosive sound and style makes it feel like four or five people are playing. From Jocelyn’s influence from Janis Joplin and Chris’s style of Jack White, this Indie-blues, alternative rock brings a refreshing style to the genre that many probably felt died with Janis Joplin and perhaps as well when The White Stripes disbanded.

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Now, we all know that there’s no such thing as better than the original, but when you listen to Jocelyn’s vocals you can’t help but to think “shit, Joplin didn’t die.” Maybe that’s just me but from her whispered, softly pushed out vocals that skydive into belts of soul and then somehow, by magic perhaps, bungee’s back into the whispers that you were first enticed by. The quick changes are vital for this genre as it’s filled with soul and hard-written lyrics that scream love, pain and soul.

To capitalize on Jocelyn, Chris swoops in with riffs that you just can’t help but be entirely impressed by. Truthfully, you’ll find yourself eyes sealed, lips stitched tight as you feel that Jimmy Page, Jack White and Jimi Hendrix vibe as he carries you away with every chord and riff carefully and violently played out.

Aside from being a hard-hitting duo, both Jocelyn and Chris attend Harvard. “I actually just graduated this year with my degree in English,” Jocelyn excitedly said as she was happy to be done with classes. “It helps a lot with the writing process because I write most of the lyrics, so yeah, it definitely has helped a lot.” Between balancing the rock star life and the college life, the two somehow find a way to make it all work. “It’s just a matter of being organized and staying on top of things, there are somedays when it can be tough but we manage,” Chris explained further.

Nonetheless, they’re out touring and will be stopping by The Beachland Ballroom and when I say you don’t want to miss this, you’re really, really don’t want to miss this indie-blues rock, powerhouse band because after one song, you’ll be in love.

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