Confessions of a First-Time Bachelor Viewer

Written by on March 17, 2018

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I walk into my dorm after work to find my roommate and our friend huddled around my roommate’s laptop. I scoff when I see what they’re watching: The Bachelor. I’ve had friends who have watched the show religiously for years and I always thought it was ridiculous. Over 20 women competing for the love of one man on television? How misogynistic and disingenuine, right? I sit down to watch with the intention of confirming my preconceived notions. However, two hours later I was absolutely enthralled and could not wait to watch the next episode. I have somehow become a member of #bachelornation and I don’t know how it happened. Here are some of my confessions, questions, and insights about this season of The Bachelor.

1. The Bachelor is trash TV and I love it

The premise of this show is that almost 30 women live in one house while competing for the love of one dude. It is televised, there is always alcohol available to the women, and producers encourage scandalous behavior. It is literally a recipe for disaster. Yet, somehow, it is totally enthralling. According to an article from Psychology Today, reasons people are so obsessed with “trashy” reality shows include envy, voyeurism, and a satisfaction from seeing revenge on people who have been disloyal. Whatever the reason, I found myself torn between wanting this season’s villain Krystal gone for her petty behavior and secretly wanting her to stay to make things more interesting.

Photo of Arie

This season’s Bachelor, Arie

2. I hated Arie more and more every episode

I was utterly surprised by the choice of this season’s Bachelor. Even never having seen the show, I knew that the Bachelor was supposed to be super hot and smooth. This guy reminded me of a dad and not in a good way. Everything Arie did came off as cringey and if you don’t believe me, I dare you to watch this montage of him making noises as he kisses contestants. My hatred for Arie culminated at the end of the season when he dumped his fiance Becca K., who thought she was about to enjoy a getaway with her soon-to-be husband, so that he could go back to Lauren, the other final contestant. This was already a terrible thing to do, but the way he did it was worse. After he broke off the engagement, Becca made it clear that she wanted Arie to leave. Instead of leaving, he continued to follow her around and badger her for a solid 20 minutes. Oh, did I not mention that this didn’t have to be televised? Their vacation would not have been on national TV had he not notified producers of his plans. If the next Bachelor is not a vast improvement, I’m boycotting.


Photo of Chris Harrison

Host of the Bachelor and Bachelorette, Chris Harrison

3. What is Chris Harrison’s actual job?

I have watched an entire season of The Bachelor and still have no idea what Chris Harrison’s actual job is. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I know he is the host but the lack of airtime he gets and his responsibilities on the show are almost comical. At every rose ceremony when there is one rose left on the pedestal, Chris Harrison says, “Ladies, Arie, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready.” as if the Bachelor and all of the contestants cannot even count to one. I want to know where I can sign up to get paid for saying one sentence on TV.

4. Do the girls actually eat on the dates?

In each episode, at least two of the women get taken on one-on-one dates. They are often destinations and activities but afterwards the Bachelor and his date get cleaned up and go to a private location to share a dinner. It all sounds lovely until you realize that hardly anyone actually eats. They do not show every moment but during some of the dates, the food was all I could focus on. Aren’t they hungry? Is it getting cold? Do they get to eat after? Is Arie only eating because he hates this date? I need answers.

Photo of Bachelor contestants

This season’s contestants of The Bachelor

5. I love a majority of the women on the show.

One of the biggest but most pleasant surprises after watching my first season of The Bachelor was how much I loved so many of the women. I am guilty of thinking that the only women who would willfully go on this show are unintelligent and without personality but I was so wrong. Becca M. was hilarious and mature beyond her age. Kendall was quirky and so compassionate to anyone who tried to start drama with her. Sienne was extremely intelligent and worldly. I found myself rooting for them as individuals far more than I was rooting for them to be with Arie.

Photo of Becca K

The next Bachelorette, Becca K.

6. I can’t wait to watch more!

I’m officially hooked. Catch me on May 28th parked in front of my TV to see Becca K. as the new Bachelorette, getting the man she deserves!

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