Concert Review: Post Malone

Written by on October 5, 2017

With his banging beats and heartfelt soul, Post Malone brought a glorious night to his sold out show at the Agora Theater and Ballroom in Cleveland on September 20th.

Fans were given the opportunity of a classic general admission, or a VIP Meet and Greet.

It was a no-brainer for me to do the latter.

Post Malone was dressed in an oversized “Don’t Tread On Me” shirt, camouflage pants and some vibrant yellow and black Nikes. His hair was slicked back and his eyebrow had some stripes, courteous of rapper Lil Pump. 

Now if you know anything about Post Malone and his music, you know he loves nothing more than cracking open a cold can of Bud Light.

That being said, I dressed myself in an XXL t-shirt that read “I Love You, Man.. But, You’re Not Getting My Bud Light” and tied into his Texas roots with a bolo tie and some blue velvet boots.

I knew my look was a hit as I danced up to him and he let out a “Wazzzzup!” and proceeded to greet me with a hug and “I love your bolo tie!”

Afterwards, he read my shirt and said, “DAMNNNN, that’s beautiful.. I love you. Is it real, where’d you get this shirt?”

I assured him it was a real vintage Bud Light piece and he proceeded to thank me for coming out.

A DJ by the name of, FKi 1st, opened the set and kept the crowd excitedly awaiting Post Malone’s performance with bumpin’ tracks like “Bodak Yellow” and “Slippery.”

At this point everyone had been waiting, packed like sardines for two hours and people were starting to pass out and grow antsy.

Fights even began to break out over water bottles security guards tossed into the crowd.

The crowd repeatedly started yelling, “Posty! Posty! Posty!”

And then, a moment of sheer peace and admiration came over the crowd as Post Malone waltzed on the stage singing, “No Option.”

The crowd went wild when he followed the song with words, “Hey Cleveland, let’s get weird!”

Throughout the night, bras were flying on stage and Post Malone would hang them on a set of antlers above his DJ’s soundboard.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about Post Malone is that he has a song for every mood.

He kept the crowd in a whirlwind of feelings with songs like “I Fall Apart” and “Feeling Whitney” and then hyped them back up real quick with “Money Made Me Do It” and “Congratulations.”

If the world “lit” had a dictionary definition, I’m certain it’d be a Post Malone show.

If you didn’t know, Post Malone is currently taking the world by storm with his new single, Rockstar featuring 21 Savage.

It just hit a record for the most streamed song within its week of release on iTunes.

This song is like nothing your ears have ever heard before and I definitely recommend giving it a listen here: 


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