Concert Review: Halsey at the Wolstein Center

Written by on November 29, 2017

Halsey sang and danced to a sold-out crowd at the Wolstein Center last Wednesday on the latest stop of her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour.

The show was opened by Charli XCX playing some of her best hits from the last few years. She got the crowd warmed up for PARTYNEXTDOOR who got the crowd pumped up for the main event of the night.

Halsey played a pre-roll song off her newest album aptly named “The Prologue”. The New Jersey singer then went on to play many songs on her discography.

Halfway through the show, Halsey sat on the edge of the stairs that made up her stage and began to talk about how her smash hit Closer, with collaborators The Chainsmokers has affected her career and her own feelings on the song.

She went on to sing a beautiful piano rendition of the song. At the end of the song she did something that changed the song completely for anyone paying attention.

The last line of “Closer” is normally “And we ain’t ever getting older” Halsey went on to say that line and then change it to “I hope we’re never getting older” and then onto “Oh god I guess we’re getting older” This changes the song from a teen anthem of being young to an adult realizing that the world is changing and so are they. The fear of that last line really drives in the point of this lyric change.

Halsey went on to perform the rest of the show. Stopping to give us little tidbits of information about this universe she has created inside her music. One being the idea of duplicity and how her songs and shows show a power exchange between two powers and how everything has an antithesis to itself.

By the end of the concert, the audience left the venue with an energy and understanding of her music that they might have lacked when entering two hours before.

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