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On this episode of Jacob and David’s Bracketiatry Bracketacular, Jacob David, and friend of the show Alex Wilcox, of ITF Radio, ponder our country’s only true important questions:  Which State is the best?  Do beaches beat mountains?  And How does the love shack fit into all of this?  The only way to find out the […]

This week Jacob, David, and ITFRadio’s Alex Wilcox discern their way to the most controversial finish yet in a quest to find… the which breakfast​ is the bestfast.

Black Squirrel Radio’s Greatest Misses is a biweekly podcast clearing out the BSR vault by showcasing podcast ideas that were pitched, approved, and recorded, but we decided weren’t right for a full series. In this episode, Eric presents The Sopraninos, a podcast inspired by The Sopranos, but with an… interesting twist.

In this episode, Eric is out of town visiting his girlfriend but Ben is joined by friends of the show Jacob Dickey and Matt Olienechak to talk about the political and legal responses to the Parkland shooting. Funkhaus Berlin

In this jam-packed episode, we run down the complete non-surprise that was this year’s Oscars, before beginning our greatest undertaking yet: stealing a popular entertainment magazine’s Oscar brackets and using it to talk about Rocky.

DJ Locc and DJ AT Swag share their perspective on the ever changing climate that is Hip-Hop and the global culture that surrounds it. Through the presentation of original thoughts(The Daze), content and interactive dialogue they paint a picture of the world for all listeners from all walks of life to enjoy! This episode is […]

On the Spall Talk Oscar Special, we talk about whether Eddie Redmayne is attractive, The Click Theory, the Akira Yoshida debacle, Wes Anderson’s talent at making mixtapes, Did Johnny Knoxville Ever Play Elvis?, the relative merits of the theater experience, and Why The Oscars Should Be Abolished with Ben Holland, as well as 2018’s Early […]

At long last, Funkhaus Berlin releases their exclusive interview with the Turning Point USA member who wore a diaper in public to own the libs. In the interest of anonymity, he has chosen to be identified only as “Minecraft Steve”. In this interview, Eric and Ben, joined by friends of the show Matt Olienechak and […]

This 4’33” was performed at (and by) a courtyard in KSU’s Centennial dorms on February 27, 2018.  

Kent State basketball star Jaylin Walker comes into the studio for an interview with the guys. The boys also get into other Kent sports, a good discussion on the Cavaliers, Indians and Browns. Finally, the guys answer what their favorite place to eat after the bars is and… should freshmen have to park at Dix […]

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