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Alternative Study Break sat down with Never Shout Never supporting act, Jule Vera

Interview by: Chelsea Panin Chelsea sat down with Authentic Language to find out more about them and just who they are. If you’re looking for a new creative spin on rap music, you have to check out Authentic Language. Members include: vocalist, Sav, with Sleep and Hauzzy on instrumentals and vocals. Sav and Sleep are […]

By: Erin Keller Our own Erin Keller and her friend, Ohio University student, Megan Pixler, sat down with Mike Ayley and (bass) and Ian Casselman (drums and percussion) of Marianas Trench hours before the Canadian band’s show at the House of Blues in Cleveland on November 20, 2015. Watch the guys about their new album […]

Interview by: The Alternative Study Break

By: Mikala Lugen and Reid Smith Dark Side of the Moon is a Pink Floyd tribute band that plays shows throughout the Midwest. The band currently consists of 8 members, Jeff Tucker, Trevor Mallernee, Joey Amato, Jon Klusti, Ray Beeble, Tommy “Tornado” Abersold, Rick Arrendale and Alexa Pokorny, who recreate the iconic sound of Pink […]

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