BSR Staff Playlist: Songs to Super Kick Your Enemies To

Written by on March 12, 2018

In an effort for our listeners to get to know the staff at BSR (and to provide excellent music), we’re featuring a different BSR staffer made playlist every week.


Web Content Director: Reid Smith

Hello (insert name here)! Have you ever wanted to super kick someone in the jaw but just didn’t know what music to play? Well don’t worry (insert name here), you’re not alone. I used to be just like you. A sniveling wimp who had no idea what music should be playing in the background while I was smacking jabronis in the jaw with my Doc Marten’s.

But through years of painstaking research, development and focus group input, I’ve finally created the optimal playlist for super kicking your enemies.This playlist is chalk full of some of the best music in recorded history and I want to share it with you. the playlist is available in full below………FOR FREE. That’s right folks. FREE. 

(Not actually free. after one listen, eight separate charges of $79.95 will be billed to your latest address. Failure to pay will result in criminal charges including but not limited to several years in a federal penitentiary of Reid’s choosing, a swarm of locusts descending on your place of business, or one super kick delivered at Shawn Michaels speed)

Enjoy and follow Black Squirrel Radio on Spotify for all the latest in our playlists!

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