BSR Staff Playlist: Eric’s Chili and Zilly

Written by on February 28, 2018

In an effort to have you get to know the staff at BSR and to always provide excellent music we’re featuring a different BSR staffer made playlist every week.

Podcast Coordinator Eric Jacoby

Eric Jacoby is our podcast extraordinaire, sometimes referred to as “the podfather”, Eric hopes to make everyone’s podcasting dreams come true. In addition to his valent podcast efforts, Eric is also a BSR DJ with his show Funkhaus Berlin. For his staff member playlist, Eric created a soundtrack to two of his favorite things chili and ‘zilly’.

“I’m a simple man with simple tastes; I like movies featuring Godzilla, and I like to eat good chili. This is my best chili-making playlist: assemble your ingredients, raise it to a boil, lower it to a simmer, then put on this playlist, and when it’s over, your chili has simmered long enough,” – Eric.

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