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Written by on September 22, 2022

Almost a full month into the fall 2022 semester, we have begun to fall into our routine of class, work, and other activities. Many people on the KSU campus, including us, like to listen to music as we walk to our classes. Here’s our favorites: 


Audrey Pierson

As an off campus student with a mile walk to my classes in Taylor Hall, I find myself finding more and more music to add into my current rotation to make my walk somewhat bearable. Right now my top song to walk to is “Buzzkill” by Take Van. Van typically borders the line between alternative and pop, but “Buzzkill” takes on a house vibe, which is the perfect tempo to walk to, especially if you are in a rush. “Super Freaky Girl” by Nick Minaj is also in my current rotation. Not only does it get me pumped for my 10am class, the sample from Rick James’ “Super Freak” reminds me of home and the type of music my family plays around our house. On a very different note, “Believe” by Cher is also fueling my late-for-class walks. Something about the auto-tuned verses just makes every step so much more entertaining. When I don’t have a destination, my favorite place to walk on the Kent campus is Hilltop Drive by Franklin Hall.

Chloe Ritzic

Sadly, my airpods passed away and I refuse to drag around my corded headphones, so lately I’ve been walking to class musicless. But if I were to listen to anything, I would be listening to “Indiana” by Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meek and Buck Meek. The lyrics are gorgeous and so is Adrianne Lenker’s voice, and it’s a song for when the weather is gloomy and I feel like feeling emotional about nothing in particular. If I’m looking for something slightly more upbeat, one of my other favorites is “I Won’t Run From It,” by the Big Red Machine, which is the brainchild band of Justin Vernon and Aaron Desner, both of whom are absolutely amazing. Now, as I said, I’ve been listening to nothing while I’ve been on the go lately, but if I were to listen to music, I would be listening to these songs while walking near Rockwell Hall and that little gazebo. I love the fullness of the trees and the amount of squirrels, and being there also means I managed to cross East Main Street without getting hit by a car.

credit: wormyGabe Virant

As fall semester kicks into full swing, music on our walks between classes becomes more of an essential. On my walks by the Student Center and along the Esplanade I have found myself listening to a lot of new and old music that seem fitting for the time of year.

Starting with “Big Mountain” by Wormy, this song was released on Wormy’s debut album “I’m Sweating All The Time” which dropped at the end of August. Second on my list of songs would have to be “Freakin’ Out On The Interstate” by Briston Maroney. Briston is a go to for me whenever I am looking for music to listen to, and this song delivers every time and goes to show why it is his most popular song. To end the list I put on “Pleader” by Alt-J. “Pleader” delivers a big sound with a lot of emotion while also undeniably being an Alt-J with various shifts throughout the song. 


Rachel Liggett

Something that I’ve learned as a college student is that there’s a lot of walking. Unbeknownst to some, students have to walk to much more than their classes… to the gym, to eat, extracurriculars, etc. At the end of the day, doing so takes up a lot of time, so it is important to always have the best tunes available.

As a student who enjoys skateboarding down by Cartwright Hall, I feel like I listen to a lot of sad or nostalgic songs. A couple examples of this is “i walk this earth all by myself” by EKKSTACY and “Shin Bruise” by Petite League. They have a particular vibe about them… and they’re perfect songs for skating.

My music taste varies at best, so on particular days when I don’t feel like listening to sad songs skateboarding or on the walk to class, I’ll listen to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana or “Bound for the Floor” by Local H. For walking, personally I am an enjoyer of the Franklin area.


Aleigh Caudill

My favorite place to walk to on campus I would have to say would be the brain statue that Kent has here on campus. I like to walk there because it, of course, has a good view. Depending on which way you’re facing, there is a nice view of the water fountain over there. I really like the seating they have there because they have a tree that sits behind the bench that they have and it gives you good shade if you are wanting to go and do some homework or just to get out of your dorm. Another reason I like it there is since it is so calming. It’s a good place to draw or paint if you’re into that. While I either walk or if I’m sitting there, my go to songs I like to listen to would have to be: “Chicago” by Michael Jackson, “Running on Sunshine” by Jesus Jackson, and“Guys My Age” by Hey Violet




We hope you enjoyed our music and walking path recommendations! Comment below what you’re listening to, and be sure to checkout our playlist!

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