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Written by on February 7, 2021

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday with a much anticipated matchup for NFL fans! In a year where uncertainty reigned due to COVID-19, the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes return to the biggest stage on a quest to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

The last team to repeat were the 2003-04 New England Patriots led by Tom Brady. Brady, now 43 years old, is back in the Super Bowl in his first season outside of New England, leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the grand stage for only the second time in franchise history and on the verge of earning his seventh ring.

Even more special is that the Bucs’ Raymond James Stadium plays host to the game, giving Brady and co. home field advantage, something never done before in the Super Bowl Era.

With a game between the future of the league in Mahomes and the man considered to be the Greatest Of All Time in Brady, the BSR Sports Department made their picks for this historic matchup.


Director Sean Fitzgerald: Chiefs 41, Bucs 31

I’m starting to believe the Cleveland Browns really would have made the Super Bowl if not for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are the class of the AFC and clearly a cut above the rest.

I wanted to pick Tampa Bay as I believe Tom Brady will have one of his better Super Bowl performances and the fact the Bucs are playing a de-facto home game at Raymond James Stadium. Its the first time in NFL history a team has made the Super Bowl with their home stadium hosting the game.

Right now, no one can stop the Chiefs. The only team that did with Mahomes playing the whole game?

The Las Vegas Raiders.

America, welcome your new Evil Empire!


Sports Coordinator Enzo Orlando: Bucs 31, Chiefs 24

A Super Bowl between two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. On one side you have the up-and-coming star quarterback Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs who have already won a Super Bowl and have an MVP. On the other hand with Tampa Bay, you have the GOAT in Tom Brady, and I really don’t need to mention his accomplishments. 

If you look at both of these teams, both offenses are very similar with great wide receiver corps. and top-tier tight ends. On defense, these teams aren’t necessarily elite but they are able to get the job done when it matters most.

From watching the NFL throughout my life there is one thing that I have learned: You NEVER bet against Tom Brady and that’s why I am going with the Buccaneers. 


Mason Lawlor: Bucs 38, Chiefs 34

Mahomes and Kansas City have shown some chinks in the armor as of late, and Tom Brady looks like an ageless machine at the moment. There’s also no mistaking the geographical advantage Tampa Bay has despite the pandemic. The Bucs pull it out in a close one. 


Dom O’Brien: Bucs 30, Chiefs 27

With a combination of Mahomes’ health still being in question and the Tampa Bay defense rising to the occasion more often than not, I believe that Brady and the Bucs will be able to pull out a win against the rising stars that are the Kansas City Chiefs. Since the Week 12 matchup between these teams, they have both grown tremendously.

I believe that it will come down to a final drive with who has the ball. That would include Brady making another memorable game winning drive down the field, or Mahomes failing to get in field goal range on the last possession. I made a mistake betting against Brady in Super Bowl LIII, and I don’t want to make that mistake again. 


Gabe Collura: Chiefs 37, Bucs 31

It’s no secret Kansas City has looked beatable in a considerable amount of the tail-end of their season. That being said, “We beat the Chiefs” is something only the Raiders and Chargers can say (KC didn’t play most of their starters against LA).

They’ve found a way to win games through all the adversity, and that trend will continue in Super Bowl LV. The game could be a lot uglier for Tampa Bay if Tom Brady plays the way he did in the second half of the NFC Championship Game.

I doubt that will happen though; playoff Tom Brady is a different breed, and SUPER BOWL Tom Brady is a step even above that. We’re in for a treat.


Logan Egleston: Bucs 31, Chiefs 28 

This is a matchup between two quarterbacks: One a talented playmaker, the other a stone cold game managing winner. Despite all the weapons Kansas City has on the offensive side of the ball, the Buccaneers defense has been red hot throughout the playoffs, and I don’t expect that to subside for the big game.

Mahomes is a game changing playmaker with the tools to win, but the Bucs D has made big plays the past few weeks that ultimately give them the edge over the Chiefs. 


Jacob Matson: Chiefs 34, Bucs 28

While both offenses looked good coming out of the championship round, the defenses for both teams are what will win the game for one of these teams. While the Bucs defense was able to keep Aaron Rodgers from capitalizing on three interceptions, only allowing seven points, I don’t see them being able to do that to Kansas City, with the Chiefs able to keep a high powered Bills team down.

If the Bucs want any shot at winning, Brady is going to have to keep the turnovers down and minimize mistakes, but I just don’t see them being able to do it. I think they will be able to keep it close, but Kansas City will just be too much for them. 


Ryan Struhar Chiefs 35, Bucs 30

I think this is a great matchup with the QBs of the new versus the old. I also like the Chiefs offense versus the Bucs D, as a matchup to watch, and the Bucs D was huge in the NFC Championship Game against Green bay. 

I think the Bucs will hang close throughout the game, but when we get to the fourth quarter I think that Brady will make a few costly mistakes that he is not known for making in these big spots that will cost them versus Kansas City, unlike the Packers who only scored 7 points on Brady’s three picks.

Kansas City will capitalize on those mistakes and Mahomes and the KC offense that has been explosive all year will beat Brady’s Bucs. 


Zach Jewell: Chiefs 41, Bucs 35

This is honestly a toss up for me. I think the game will come down to a final drive that decides the game, and I think the Chiefs will come out on top.

With the talent of Brady and Mahomes, I could see it flipping either way, but with the consistency and dominance the Chiefs have shown as of late, I have to put them as the favorite.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady brings home another one, cementing his status as the GOAT (even though I’m not a fan of the guy).


David Profusek: Chiefs 31, Buc 27

When I look at this year’s Super Bowl, I see it as a changing of the guard game, as the new superstar in Patrick Mahomes goes against the old stalwart that is Tom Brady. At the end of the day, I believe the QB play, like most Super Bowls, will be the deciding factor in this year’s game. Brady has the experience (by a huge margin) compared to Mahomes, who has been to and won his only appearance in the big game.

However, I feel Mahomes is on a different level of play right now. He’s the complete package with arm strength, accuracy, touch, and mobility, not to mention weapons as good as, if not better, than Tampa Bay. Age also seems to be making Brady more worried about getting hit, with him throwing unnecessary picks to avoid contact in the NFC Championship.

Tampa Bay has the better overall defense in my assessment, but last year I predicted San Francisco, who I believe had a better defense than this Buccaneers squad, to win the Super Bowl because of that unit. I was wrong. It will be a close matchup similar to when these two teams met in the regular season, but I feel as long as Kansas City can get some pressure on Brady, they will pull out the win and repeat as Super Bowl Champions.


Maddie Hayes: Bucs 34, Chiefs 20

This year’s Super Bowl matchup will for sure be a fun one to watch. Both teams have great offenses with two of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the league. At the end of the day though I have to give the win to the Bucs here for two reasons.

First, because Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time who is no stranger to the playoffs and knows how to take care of business. And second, while I feel like their offenses are well matched the Bucs defense has been superior throughout the playoffs and will continue that momentum.

Mahomes is a fantastic QB as well, but I think people are too presumptuous saying he’s the next Brady. Overall, I think Brady’s experience is unmatched and will give him the edge in the game.



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