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Written by on February 1, 2020

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Sunday, the high flying Kansas City Chiefs and the heart stomping San Francisco 49ers will clash with the Lombardi Trophy on the line as Super Bowl LIV comes to Miami. The BSR Sports Department has made their picks for the big game.

Director Dylan Bowers: 49ers 31, Chiefs 26

The 49ers defense and run game have been the key to their success this year. Slowing down the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes is tougher said than done, but I believe the Niners defense will get after Mahomes and really make it tough on him with their pass rush. Tevin Coleman and Raheem Mostert will pace the Niners offense and make Mahomes and the Chiefs play from behind. Nick Bosa will force a turnover late in the game and crush Andy Reid’s hopes at getting his first Lombardi Trophy.


Coordinator Sean Fitzgerald: 49ers 38, Chiefs 35

I’ve been vacillating on this pick for days, but I’ve finally settled in on the victor. 

I think Mahomes and Kansas City will definitely put up big numbers against San Francisco. However, it’s going to come down to the 49ers making on extra stop. This team is a complete monster. They are perfectly balanced in all facets of the game.

The Chiefs achilles heel is their defense, which if Mostert runs like he did against Green Bay in the NFC Championship, he will help cap off an impressive turnaround for the 49ers.

Last season, the 49ers finished 3-13. Only the rival Arizona Cardinals had a worse record.  A year later, I am predicting they will be crowned Super Bowl champions.


Coordinator Enzo Orlando: Chiefs 31, 49ers 28


The Chiefs have the best offense in the league lead by Mahomes while the 49ers have the best defense in the NFL that includes rookie Joey Bosa and maybe the best corner in the game in Richard Sherman. Most of the time in the Super Bowl the team with the better defense wins the game, but I am going against that theory this year. If Mahomes can keep on playing like he has the past two seasons, and the Chiefs defense is able to stop the 49ers running back duo of Mostert and Coleman like they were against Derek Henry and the Titans in the AFC Championship, then I believe that the Chiefs will come out with the victory and win their second Super Bowl in franchise history.


Christian Hinton: Chiefs 31, 49ers 28

After a back and forth with myself over who wins, I’ve finally decided on the Chiefs. The 49ers defense may be good, but as we’ve seen in this year’s playoffs, Mahomes is better. With 8 touchdowns through two games this postseason, look for Mahomes to continue his strong playoff push and lead the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl since 1970.


Alex Wilcox: Chiefs 37, 49ers 31

According to Pro Football Focus (PFF), the 49ers have 18 of the 25 most talented players taking the field Sunday.  From an objective viewpoint, Kyle Shanahan’s bunch has a better running backs room, offensive line, defensive line, linebacking core and secondary, and it really isn’t even close. 

 But everyone in the world knows that the best (and most important) player on the field by a country mile is wearing 15 for the boys from Arrowhead.  Andy Reid has a few tricks in his holster that I believe will be the difference in this game, much like they were for the Eagles in Super Bowl LII against the Patriots (Doug Pederson, a Reid disciple, Philly Special… cough cough).

The Chiefs defense will do just enough to slow the Niners arsenal of zone running plays to give their offense the slightest chance, which is all Patrick the Great needs.  The Chiefs win late, their tortured fan base rejoices, Mahomes signs a contract unlike any we’ve ever seen before, and Andy Reid finally gets the victory that has eluded him for so long.

Kansas City, it’s amazing what a quarterback can do. 


Mason Lawlor: 49ers 34, Chiefs 31

While the spotlight shines brightest on Mahomes and the Chiefs offense, look for San Francisco to control the clock and set the tone with their rushing attack early.  I predict Shanahan keeps the ball out of Mahomes’ hands for as long as possible, just as he did to Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship. Mahomes is the best player in this game but San Fran is the better team with the better fundamentals and attention to detail.  Jimmy Garoppolo will also prove to be a better passer than he’s been able to show recently.

Kansas City storms back in the second half, but the Niners hang on to win Super Bowl LIV in a close one, 34-31.


David Profusek: 49ers 38, Chiefs 31

When I look at this matchup, it features one of the best defenses of recent memory against one of the deadliest passing attacks ever.

Mahomes is a generational talent. With the addition of Kansas City’s receiving core, featuring the reliable Travis Kelce and speedy Tyreek Hill,  it is a formidable matchup for any defense, not to mention an experienced head coach in Andy Reid, who has been here before.

On the other side, the 49ers defense was the main reason they made it to this stage. With the ability of Bosa and the rest of the defensive line to go along with a Sherman led secondary, the Niners have been able to disrupt offenses all season. Also, they have a QB in Garoppolo, who has been mentored by the greatest field general in football: Tom Brady.

I feel the difference will be the 49ers balanced offense being able to control the time of position against a spotty Chiefs defense, keeping Mahomes off the field enough to hold on for the win.


Web Director Brandon Lewis: Chiefs 36, 49ers 33

Since this game became official on Jan. 19, my first thoughts on the game were that defenses win championships, but there is an exception to every rule, and the Chiefs were about to become the exception. I have not changed my view, nor score prediction since.

I believe Sunday Mahomes will win Super Bowl MVP and start building his Hall of Fame resume. If my prediction comes true, that means in only his third NFL season and second as a starter, Mahomes would take his team to two Championship games and play and win one Lombardi Trophy. In his young career, Mahomes has 76 touchdowns, 18 interceptions and just under 9,500 yards through the air. Those numbers are unheard of.

For comparison sakes, the current GOAT, Tom Brady, in his first three seasons as the starter in Foxsborough (2001-2003),  had 69 touchdowns, 38 interceptions and 10,227 passing yards. While Brady beats Mahomes in the yards, Mahomes has more touchdowns and way less throws to the other team than Brady had. In sports, there’s always a once-in-a-generation athlete it seems like, and this generation’s must see phenom in the NFL is Mahomes.

I also think the old saying, “Speed Kills” will come into play during the game. I don’t think the Niners secondary will be able to keep up with the pure speed the Chiefs possess, and I think KC’s offensive line will be able to do just enough to stuff the Niners wave of rushers up front.

In a fun game, I got the Chiefs winning 36-33. I just hope it’s not as fun as Super Bowl LII when my Eagles took home the Lombardi.

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