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Written by on April 5, 2019

Every week of programming we will be highlighting the Black Squirrel Radio Show of the Week

This week’s show is Take Flight Radio



Take Flight Radio is hosted by DJ Smillz and his co-host Cyra. They frequently feature various guests and cover what’s going on in the hip-hop culture and give their opinions and perspectives on it. Then they finish the show with a live mix from DJ Smillz.


Describe your show:
DJ Smillz: Our show is a platform for local artist and businesses to promote themselves, not only is our show a platform for businesses and artist but we also provide new music and also our opinion on topics in the news.


How did you come up with your show concept:
DJ Smillz: I wanted to base the show off of a Breakfast Club (Charlamane Talk Show) idea. I enjoyed many elements that their show has and also elements that Z.107.9 has also.


What do you do in your free time:
DJ Smillz: Practice DJing, listening to music, and sleep!

Cyra: In my free time I usually am listening to music, eating, sleeping, or doing something spontaneous. I don’t get free time often so if I’m not handling my basic necessities I’m doing any and everything because I hate to sit still.


Who are some of your favorite bands/artists:
DJ Smillz: I really enjoy Jay-Z and what he stands for in the community, another artist that I enjoy would be Kendrick Lamar.

Cyra: Some of my favorite artists include Chance the Rapper, J.Cole, India Arie, H.E.R, Jazmine Sullivan, Ella Mai, Erykah Badu, Anthony Hamilton, Anita Baker.. and the list goes on.


What are some of your favorite movies:
DJ Smillz: Mr. 3000! One of my personal favorite movies that stars the Legendary Bernie Mac.

Cyra: White House Down, All Marvel movies, Love Jones, Columbiana, Disney movies, Boyz N the Hood, Meet Joe Black, Mr. & Mrs.Smith, What Happened To Monday, Drumline… and the list goes on.


What was your favorite show moment:
DJ Smillz: Having the Barefoot Dance Tribe on air and having them show us a couple of African dances… or if we’re talking about TV then it would be everything that takes place in the Netflix show, Luke Cage or the FX show Atlanta!


What is your favorite thing about BSR:
DJ Smillz: Meeting the host of the other radio shows before and after our radio shows. Wilcox and Rico were one of my favorite people to talk it up with before our show took place. There was also a vintage Punk Rock show that took place before ours that would come in early to set up and talk music with during my live radio mix. These are times that I will definitely cherish.

I also cannot forget about the Mobile DJ Crew when I first started. Meeting many other people who were passionate about the same thing that I am was great. Learned a lot from AT and I’ll always value what I learned from him.

Cyra: My favorite thing about BSR is the leverage and support it gives to students to have something they’re passionate about, something they can call their own and allows them to in a matter of words create without limitations.


If you could see anyone in concert who would you want to see and why:
DJ Smillz: Anderson Paak. I really enjoy his music and energy that he brings. He performs every concert like it’s his last and you can really see that during his shows.

Cyra: I wouldn’t be able to settle for one person so I would have to say for the performance Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyoncé, and Janet Jackson because they are in my opinion the best performers of our time.


What would your dream music collaboration be:
DJ Smillz: Anderson .Paak and Childish Gambino

Cyra: Erykah Badu, India Arie, Sza, Ella Mai, Her, Jazmine Sullivan, and Summer Walker vibing out on the stage together would be amazing!
Also Chance the rapper, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Childish Gambino, and Jay Electronica.


Who is your favorite fictional character:
DJ Smillz: Vegeta.

Cyra: Black Widow(Marvel), Jack Jack(Incredibles), and Grace (Grace & Frankie)


Tune into Take Flight Radio every Thursday from 8-10pm

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