BSR Session & Interview: SAP

Written by on January 31, 2019

SAP, though now spread across the country like warm vegemite, are a band of great personal and community importance. My first memories of coming to Kent State were meeting the members, moshing at their shows, buying their tapes and shirts religiously, and most importantly, learning that it’s cool to care. SAP is the band our inner punk wishes we could have been in. (editor’s note over, on with the content)

Behold, a 4 song set of SAP’s latest and greatest material in one of their last performances before their hiatus. We are super proud to release this video, and sincerely hope that enjoy and are inspired in some way by their performance. Start a band. Below the set, you’ll find an interview with the members discussing the origin of the breakdown, being queer and in nature, and what’s in the cards for SAP in the future.

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