Babe Rainbow’s Newest Single Offers Another Glimpse Into Their Upcoming Album

Written by on August 11, 2019

Lurking in the mysterious, rose-tinted horizon, brewing yet another psychedelic concoction is Babe Rainbow.

Based out of Byron Bay, Australia, Babe Rainbow is another glorious component of the Australian psychedelic dynamo. Tame Impala remains the most recognizable figure of the blossoming scene, but a band like King Gizzard is entitled to plenty of credit. Not too far behind, Babe Rainbow and The Murlocs are putting forth impressive work.

Babe Rainbow and their self described “monkey disco” sound is a real treat for the ears. Although blanketed by influences from the 60s, the group is able to put their own twist to the sound. It isn’t generic filler. Personally speaking, what I enjoy the most from this band is how tight their rhythm is. Song after song, you can feel the bass speaking its melodic language. In fact, I urge anyone to listen to their single titled “Something New”. You’ll see what I mean.

“Something New” was released in May and came at the heels of their first single, “Morning Song”. Since then, Babe Rainbow has been busy with an international tour that will conclude next month. It’s worth noting that the title of the tour rests on an environmental sentiment, Earth Is An Egg Don’t Frack It. Even with all of the jetlag and shifting cultures, they’ve been able to release another single.

Album cover for “Today”, courtesy of 30th Century Records.

“Many Moons of Love” departs the seductive atmosphere of “Something New” and instead opts for a sound similar to “Morning Song”. A bouncy, acoustic cadence serves as the intro which is joined by playful lyrics. Once the chorus comes around, a sweet harmony comes to fruition. Gluing it all together, a keyboard serves as the colorful backdrop, enriching the song. During the bridge, a dream-like instrumental ensues before regaining its steady composure. Its simplicity makes it a fun listen and the sound is clean and full of warmth. All you can say is, damn, these guys have done it once again.

Today, Babe Rainbow’s third album is set to release on September 20th. So far, they’ve been three for three on their singles. One can only hope that this refined sound will be accompanied by the energy from their earlier efforts, in order to take you as far out as possible.

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