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This 4’33” was performed at (and by) a Sparky Mart parking lot in Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 22nd, 2018.

This week Jacob and David Talk about the most pressing political question of the modern era: which presidential election loser could win the Winter Olympics?  Also, they discuss the mysterious absence of friend of the show Phil Thyme, and contact politicians to ask the tough questions, like the concerned citizens they are.

Golden Talk, Presented by Barstool Kent, is a podcast dedicated to local professional sports, Kent State sports and all things Barstool Kent that you see on Instagram and Twitter. Brendon and Dan discuss hot takes, have debates and take listeners submissions to the air with a sense of humor. In this pilot, the guys discuss […]

Introducing: Black Squirrel Radio’s Greatest Misses, a biweekly podcast clearing out the BSR vault by showcasing podcast ideas that were pitched, approved, and recorded, but we decided weren’t right for a full series. In the first episode, Eric shows off an ill-fated spin-off of Spall Talk, entitled “Spill Talk”

Brianna Foraker from USAS and Bengt George from Books to Prisoners come on the show to talk about labor, shitty jobs, and the Century Nugget. Enjoy!

On the latest Spall Talk, we go off that laudanum with Back Row’s Jenna Ipcar to discuss the best Carly Rae story to ever grace this podcast, Ken Russell’s use of nudity, and Wrestlemania 26 as we cover 1986’s Gothic, featuring Tim Spall as Dr. John Polidori. Recs: Niel: Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s […]

Introducing 4’33”, a weekly podcast from Black Squirrel Radio showcasing performances of John Cage’s famous composition of the same name. This week’s 4’33” was performed at (and by) the intersection of Lake Street and Harvey Street in Kent, Ohio, on February 9th, 2018.

On the latest episode of Spall Talk, we discuss milkshakes, jazz, the Crazy Frog, John Cena’s single “Bad Bad Man” featuring Tha Trademarc and B. A. Bumpy Knuckles, Timothy Spall memes, and what’s on our walls in conjunction with a discussion of 2001’s Vanilla Sky, a frustrating piece of pre-9/11 schmaltz where Tom Cruise has […]

Spall Talk, the only podcast about the life and career of Timothy Spall, comes back for another year, is now a member of the Black Squirrel Radio family! In this episode, Niel and Eric Jacoby start 2018 out strong by getting the year wrong and discussing 2017’s The Journey with Shannon Strucci, host of the […]

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