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The KSU Left Review is a new bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Jacob Dickey, outlining the cool goings-on across the campus left, and where and when you can find them. In the kick-off episode we catch up on the month of February so far, look ahead to important events in the coming weeks, and set the […]

  All photos by Nate Manley

Black Squirrel Radio is looking for great ideas and great people to help make those great ideas a finished project. If you have any interest in writing, recording, or editing audio, look no further than our handy-dandy Podcast Application. Have a great a idea for fictional storytelling? A talk show that wouldn’t fit with a […]

BSR’s Multimedia Team is looking for reliable and thoughtful staff to help make great photo, video and audio for Kent State’s own student-run radio station. Photographers and videographers can shoot anything from live concerts, to station events, to promo, to portraits, to short films. All majors are welcome to apply! Multimedia Team: Apply Here   […]

Elyria-based artist Jason Kaminski brings some of his “folk-pop” magic to BSR Sessions. Watch him dive through three songs: two of his solo work, and one stripped-down rendition of a song by his full band, Stalemate. Then, watch him discuss how his songwriting changes by project, the evolution of Elyria DIY & Blank Slate, and […]

Over the last decade or so, Akron has become a hub for DIY culture, with houses like It’s a Kling! Thing and Fool Mansion and booking artists from all over the country for years. Tiny Moving Parts, Into It. Over It., and other acts have been boosted by the solid foundation of Akron DIY.   […]

BSR Sessions wishes you a very merry Xmas with a special video of Kent/Norwalk alt-rock newbies Honeymoon playing an unreleased song titled “Like Suffering”, Session 008.5. Interested in performing at BSR?

Watch Kent/Norwalk rockers Honeymoon trade in the 8 x 10’s for acoustics on this installment of BSR Sessions, performing two tracks off of “14:43”, their first release, and an unreleased exclusive for BSR. Check that out below, and watch their interview where the members talk keeping it simple and the Alt Nation Fallacy (hint: it’s […]

Black Squirrel Radio’s annual Acoustic Night concert went down last Saturday night, December 9, at Last Exit Coffee House in downtown Kent. Performing was Alicia Falorio, Pupils of Groove, Michael Weber and Red Rose Panic. BSR photo contributor Cameron Croston got some excellent snaps of the event. Enjoy the gallery below, and thank you to […]

BSR DJs, web staffers and staff enjoyed a banquet and awards party on Friday, Dec. 8. Awards for Top 20, Listeners Choice, and other show-specific awards were given out to the dozens of shows and staffers from the fall semester. BSR staff photographer Kam Bolati caught the event, all photos are by him.

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