Author: Evan Harms

Lovers of college radio … rejoice! Black Squirrel Radio, Kent State’s ONLY entirely student-run radio station, is now accepting applications for DJs for the spring 2020 semester. DJs can have music shows, talk shows, art shows, themed shows– the list goes on. At BSR, we pride ourselves on giving our DJs creative control over their […]

Like fall bird migration or a distasteful welcome week sign outside a frat, Black Squirrel Radio DJ auditions are a sign of school starting back up. This is one of your biannual chances to get your friends together, create a program, and audition for your very own radio show on BSR! As Kent State’s student […]

As part of our ongoing crusade to give a platform to a variety of performing arts, this week’s session is a selection of poetry read by Cameron Gorman. In “Sexton”, “Absolutist”, “Ohio Edison”, “Pure Silver”, and “Chiffon”, she explores memory, relationships with the natural world, and self-perception.

Nina Palattella is no stranger to the written and spoken word– as editor for Brainchild magazine, KSU English major, and co-host of BSR’s own Writer’s BlockCast, she’s discussed and made platforms for poetry and prose alike. At long last, we get to see her perform some original work, “Selectivity”, “Longing”, “An Education”, and “Sloping”. This […]

Post Saga is a project that escapes definition. Combining elements of funk, neo-soul and rock, the band produces interesting and danceable tunes. Below, check out their versions of 4 songs that they performed for BSR Sessions! Also included as an interview in which Post Saga occupies the interview to talk about influences, snacks, and plans […]

In the second installment of our poetry series at BSR Sessions, Samantha Aguridakis reads a selection of original work for us. You can watch her set below, and explore our YouTube channel for other KSU poets.

BBGuns, alt hip hoppers from Pittsburgh, stopped by BSR sessions to perform a slew of songs old and new. Some tracks are featured on their forthcoming record “Help Yourself” due out June 28th (You can pre-order that here on their bandcamp). Their current sound evolved out of a desire to mix hip hop with the […]

Kent State poet Nathan Seres performs “Mists”, “No Longer Wings”, and “Key Presses” for BSR Sessions! His is the first of 6 installments of poetry readings by KSU students for the program. Enjoy below.

Are they perfect? No. Are they girls? No. They are three young lads from Akron chasing the fumes of vapor punk. Conjuring sounds as delicate as the falsetto and as brash as the odd-metered noise freakout, Perfect Girl spans the spectrum of musical influences. Below, watch them perform four tracks, and hear their interview in […]

Hailing from the ice-bitten shores of Ashtabula, Subtype Zero sends listeners straight back to the heyday of thrash metal (you know, longsleeve shirts with sleeve prints, long hair. Before the punks got in there too much). Still, embracing the spirit of crossover (thrash x hardcore punk), Subtype Zero represents a return to form led by […]

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