Author: Anna Huntsman

Although the number of female-owned companies has grown significantly in the last 30 years, many women in business are still facing challenges. Others feel empowered in today’s economy. Anna Huntsman shares the stories of two women who own small businesses in downtown Kent. While scrolling through Instagram in March, I found a post from the […]

Fortune tellers have existed in legends and popular culture for centuries, like in songs of fortune queens in New Orleans or the TV show Long Island Medium. People across the world claim to actually have psychic abilities or even see spirits and ghosts. They’ve faced skeptics who claim that it’s all a hoax and a […]

Northeast Ohio is known for its unpredictable weather. Road crews from across the region gear up every winter to salt the icy roads. Local geologists, however, are saying “pass” to the salt…and suggest alternatives instead. The sound of road salt crunching under your shoes on an icy winter day is often the first sign that […]

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