An Interview with FloorVVeed

Written by on February 22, 2018

An Interview with FloorVVeed for Black Squirrel Radio
By Taylor Pierce

Check out my latest interview with Cleveland-based band, FloorVVeed. They self identify as “Cleveland Ninny Rock” and consider their genre to be “sort of alternative, sort of punk and all terrible.” FloorVVeed released their first EP Songs From The Basement in April of 2017, which featured five songs the band “recorded in their friend’s basement.” The EP offers some heavy guitar riffs, whiny vocals and some pretty cool, chaotic vibes. Check out the interview below to learn more about this up and coming band, and where in Cleveland you can catch one of their shows.

Band Members
Connor Morgendorffer – Rhythm Guitar, Lyrics
Andrew- Lead guitar
Jess- Bass
Matko- Drums

Tell me a little bit about the kind of music you guys make. How would you describe your sound.

Jess: It’s 65% Garage, 35% Riot Grrl. 100% Adorable.

Connor: Our music is cute music that you can dance to. I’m basically aiming for the type of music you shamefully sing in the shower.

When did you first realize that music was something you all wanted to do as a career?

Connor: As soon as i dropped out of community college for the second time. Just kidding, I’ve always wanted to do this since I was in 7th grade. I think being in a band is the most rewarding thing I can be apart of.

Photo of FloorVVeed

Your last album, Songs From The Basement, was released in April of 2017. Tell me about the work behind that album, from writing it to producing it.

Connor: When I write I usually think of the rhythm part I’m going to be playing, because the music comes first. Once I do that I find inspiration from the things I’ve been experiencing that week, or if i’m in a specific mood I will write about that as well. However, if it takes me longer than 20 minutes to write lyrics then I just throw away the song completely. That would be putting too much time into a band called FloorVVeed. As to producing the album, we went down into our friends basement and recorded all the vocals and instruments there (Shout out to Conner Dittmer). It was a really fun learning experience! I got to find out what goes into actually recording music and i got to do so from the comfort of a couch.


Would you say there’s a specific song off that album that you’re most proud of?

Connor: Definitely “Cool Doods.” I think that song is the embodiment of what I want our sound to be. Sort of a snarky, dancy, girly greatness.

Are there any major artists you look to for inspiration?

Jess: I listen to things my band is the opposite of like ‘Stupid Stupid Henchmen’ and ‘The Aquabats.’ However, they are fun and you can totally dance to them.

Connor: Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill is one of my biggest inspirations. She just didn’t care what you thought of her and she was saying a lot of relevant things at a time when women in music weren’t being taken seriously. She is the greatest 11/10.

Photo of FloorVVeed

Tell me about the evolution of your music from your first album release to now.

Connor: Well the first release was recorded in a friend of a friends studio. Basically, I recorded my first two songs on a guitar with four strings and a drum machine, it was horrid. Now I have a full band to make the sound in my head come to life, and it’s really amazing.

Do you have any singles, EPs or albums in the works currently?

Connor: We have a new EP we’re working on that’s called After Thought, it will probably come out later rather than sooner.

Does the band have any more upcoming performances? Where do you typically perform?

Connor: No we do not, but we usually like to keep it on the west side of Cleveland and play Happy Dog. They got amazing tater tots.

Photo of FloorVVeed

What’s next for your music? Do you guys plan to stay local, or are you looking to expand out of Ohio?

Connor: I love Ohio, but the goal is to start hitting other states once it gets warmer out. I’m still not too sure how to book out of state, but it looks like i’m gonna have to learn.

Jess: I would love three days, or even three months on the road with all of my bandmates, no matter where we go.

Follow FloorVVeed on social media:
Twitter: @FloorVVeed
Instagram: @FloorVVeed
Facebook: “FloorVVeed“
Youtube: FloorVVeed

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