Album Review: Walk The Moon, ‘What If Nothing’

Written by on December 6, 2017

Album: What if Nothing
Label: RCA Records
Released: November 10, 2017



Nearly 2 years after the release of their highly successful album Talking is Hard, Ohio band Walk the Moon returns to the scene with What if Nothing. The new wave indie-pop group brings a few stand outs, but many of the songs on this album fade into the background.

The first track, “Press Restart” lets fans know that this album is quite a departure from the bright, dancey hit “Shut Up and Dance” from their last album. “Press Restart” is far more laid back and has a catchy beat, but that beat is lost behind the overly repetitive lyrics. There’s nothing about the song that pulls listeners in, making it an odd choice for the top of the tracklist.

Unfortunately, that seems to be a theme for this album; songs are catchy, but nothing about them stands out as being different from any song from any other indie-pop group.

One song that steps apart from the group is “Headphones”, the second track on the album. It has a heavy bass and a grungier feel that adds the flavor that the first track was missing.

What if Nothing closes with the best song on the whole album, “Lost in the Wild.” As one can probably determine from the title, the lyrics describe running away from life and getting lost in nature with the person you love. It sounds like driving in the summer with the windows down and it is the track with the most hit potential.

Though What if Nothing is not Walk the Moon’s most hit-worthy album, it definitely holds a few gems.

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