Album Review: Move

Written by on October 26, 2017

Album: Move
Artist: Taemin Lee
Label: SM Entertainment
Release Date: October 16,2017


SHINee’s Taemin Lee has released his second full length album, “Move” with nine total tracks. The day before the release of the album and music video, Taemin had previewed his songs from the album the day before during his first Korean concert ‘Off-Sick’ in front of 10,000 fans.

The album starts off with the title track “Move,” and is the most promoted song off of the album. The song highlights the graceful and rhythmic dance moves of a girl that has him enchanted. The song is more soulful and darker than the songs in his first full length album. There are three videos that were released for this song, the first showing the sexy and dark concept, the second showing the solo choreography performance, while the third shows a duo performance with the Japanese choreographer, Koharu Sugawara.

Taemin performing with Sugawara Koharu in “Move.”

Also on the album Taemin did a duet song with Red Velvet’s Seulgi called “Heart Stop.” The song is about how they have separated but their hearts still beat for each other, sung in the lyrics, “We are strangers as we walk in different times, our gazes and sighs miss each other.” In the beginning of the song the beat is steady, but then ends up being all over the place throughout the rest of the song, but the amazing lyrics make up for that! I feel that Taemin and Seulgi have really good chemistry together and should do another duet soon!

Not only did Taemin do a duet, he also did a Korean version of his second Japanese single, “Flame of Love” as a bonus track! The song is about how his love for someone is like a burning flame and that he will continue to love them until the flame burns out. The Korean version does not have a music video like the Japanese version, but while watching the video you can get a sense of what the song is about. The choreography is smooth and slow, which goes with the ballad. The difference between the two is that the Japanese lyrics seem to flow better than the Korean version. The Korean version seems to be a bit faster and the tone is a bit deeper than the Japanese version, which seems to be slower and lighter. Both versions are really great, but I seemed to feel a bit calmer when listening to the flow of the Japanese version.

Overall the album is great, but I still feel that the first album was better. With both albums you can tell that Taemin is growing as an artist separate from his group, SHINee. His vocals have definitely improved throughout the years and I look forward to more songs from him.


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