Album Review: Domo Genesis

Written by on April 7, 2016


Artist: Domo Genesis

Album: Genesis

Domo Genesis, like many other former members of Odd Future, has

seemingly found his lane.

Genesis’ early years are highlighted by his solo mixtapes Rolling Paper’s

(2010) and Under the Influence 1&2 (2011/2014). While the raw potential

Genesis possesses is flexed in this work, it was marred by “lethargic and

professional weed raps” that it never meshed with the brash and rebellious

style of Odd Future, wrote Sheldon Pearce at Pitchfork.

However, with the debut of Genesis, Domo has refined his craft from his

raw beginnings showing improved lyricism and production value with

clout; it is the epitome of hard and consistent work paying off. Genesis

channels the distinctive sounds of West Coast hip-hop (natural for the

Inglewood, Californian born rapper). The album is much more personal

and reflective, while still keeping those rooted stoner vibes. Genesis also

pulls no stops when it comes to features nabbing prolific artists such as

Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler the Creator, Cleveland native King Chip

(formerly known as Chip tha Ripper), Anderson .Paak and Mac Miller.

Two tracks that Genesis released prior to the LP dropping, “Go(Gas)” and

“Dapper”, serve as the two singles for the album.

“Go (Gas)” features the star studded line up of Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J

offering bars that show off their strengths. Tyler the Creator’s distinctive

sound can be heard in the production on top of light vocal offerings in the

chorus. Huw Baines of, describes the song as a, “heavy-

lidded, seemingly generic tale of smoke and braggadocio”.

“Dapper” features Anderson .Paak, a fellow west coast rapper/R&B

sensation, who has stormed the music scene in the past year offering a fun

and groovy inspired track accessible for newcomers to Genesis’ work.

One of the more personal and sentimental tracks on the album is “One

Below.” The track opens up with Genesis’ mother talking about her son with

enormous pride, support and love. As Ashley Monae at writes, the

track explores love’s sweet, sometimes sour drawl that can leave one “Faded

in the Moment”. “Faded in the Moment” is reference to a track found later

in the album that serves as a love letter to his significant other detailing his

affection for her.

The LP closes with one last reflective piece, “Lost and Found”. Genesis raps

about “just tryna find his way” as he continues his journey in music.

“reiterates the tough yet eventually fulfilling journey we call life” Monae of writes, “If I’m not chasing no, dreams how can I exist?/I’m just

trying to find my way,” he raps.”

Is this Genesis’ magnum opus? Not quite, but it is a step in the right

direction in identifying who Genesis will be as a professional standalone

rapper. Most of the members of Odd Future are doing their own thing now

(Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean and The Internet) all

discovering their strengths after their split. Genesis is no longer hampered

to the comparison of his old crew and is free to be who he is.

The future is brighter than ever before for Domo Genesis.

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