Album Review: ‘Alone Together’

Written by on April 14, 2016


Skizzy Mars’ New Album: A Game Changer

By: Madeline Sugg

Album: ‘Alone Together’ by Skizzy Mars

Record Label: Atlantic Records

*editor’s note, not all tracks are reviewed

In 2014 rapper Skizzy Mars released his first ever single called “Make Sense.” While many people could say the song had the subject content of most rap songs, they couldn’t say it didn’t sound very real and raw, something that a lot of mainstream rappers stray away from. With a little bit of buzz from this song, Mars put out another single shortly after called “All Say.” This song had the same beats and rhythm the first single had, but the lyrics were completely different. The subject of the song was about how the term “love” is used out of context and way too often, something a lot of artists don’t talk about, especially rap artists. “All Say” opened the door to Mars’ fan base and after he released a music project called The Red Balloon Project he started to release singles from his debut album he had in the works.
Now in 2016, April 8, Mars has released his debut album Alone Together. With 12 tracks and a few artists from different genres featured on the album, it would not be a surprise if people who don’t usually listen to rap found a track they enjoyed thoroughly. The artists featuring on the album include rap artists Pell, Rome Fortune and Chose, with pop artist JoJo, alternative artists Jaymes Young and Olivver the Kid, and soul artist PJ.
Featuring another artist or not, each song on the album has the main subject of girls and has the same sort of rhythm that most Skizzy Mars’ songs have. However, what’s so great about this debut album is that each track can hold its’ own by sort of being its’ own amongst the other tracks. Here the four tracks that stood out the most.

Track 2: “Alcoholics”
This song came out before the album and it’s the probably the song that got me the most excited for this album. The beat for this song is beyond good with different undertones of drinks being poured, conversations being had in the background and a slight drum track that lasts the whole song. The chorus is well made as well with different tempos of Mars’ raps being overlayed. As for the lyrics, they’re pretty good as well, driving this track to be one of the better ones on the album.

Track 7: “Girl On A Train”
Finally, someone wrote a song about it: people watching. Okay I bet artists have written about this before, but Mars lyrically nailed this track so well. The song is about Mars’ seeing a stranger on a train and wondering what she’s listening to in her headphones, if she drinks, etc. As far as I’m concerned, despite most of Mars’ tracks ranking high in relatability, this song is probably the most relatable track on the album. I also can’t complain about the track’s melody with hints of guitar and even train sounds in the beginning, making it one of my favorites.

Track 8: “I’m Ready” ft. Olivver The Kid
First of all, I want to say please go check out this music video. It’s super aesthetically pleasing with a very simple video concept. As for the song itself, it’s amazing. I could probably write a 600 word review on just this song itself. The track starts off with a strong beat and Mars describing an “alternative” girl that “wants love because she’s never had it.” This song is extremely different from any rap song I’ve heard, so it makes since that up and coming alternative artist Olivver the Kid is featured on this track. This lyrically driven song about Mars’ wanting a second chance with this “alternative” type of girl is definitely a ten out of ten track.

Track 9: “Hit Me Harder” ft. Jaymes Young
Again, Mars does a great job collaborating with an alternative artist. Jaymes Young has an electronic, smooth alternative sound to him and pairs nicely with Mars’ raps. The powerful lyric game in this song can be summed up with one of Young’s lyrics “I know the high was never real. Cause I don’t feel the love no more. If numb is all that I can feel. Just hit me harder than before.” This track is probably the most emotionally open song that Mars’ has written, other than “All Say,” which makes this song probably the best one on the album. I really hope they make a music video for it because the concepts and melodies to this track are up there with “I’m Ready.”
All in all, despite a few filler tracks, Alone Together is a fantastic debut album that is not only a game changer for Skizzy Mars’ career, but possibly other rappers as well.

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