A Sense of Purpose — “Fiend” Single REVIEW

Written by on February 11, 2020

Title: Fiend

Artist: A Sense of Purpose

Record Label: Self-released

Date Released: January 17th, 2020 


The Cleveland-based metalcore outfit A Sense of Purpose recently dropped their latest single Fiend.  This was a long awaited single, as their last song, Cougar, was released all the way in early September.  This song features a soft reverb intro with guitar and piano, and the beautiful singing from vocalist Jon Benjamin.  The guitar during the chorus; the lower register rhythm guitar (the “chugs” if you will) perfectly complemented the higher register lead melody.  Clean vocals over a soft piano melody was featured on the bridge of the song, giving the listener a break from the majesty of the vibrant chorus and unclean vocals during the verses.  This track also features layered unclean vocals, with a lower and higher register at the same time, which always sound amazing when done right and not over produced.

This track was produced great, and did not sound compressed or artificial.  I love the rawness, yet fluidity of the vocals. There is real urgency and feeling behind the vocals, both unclean and clean.  The group “woahs” and end piano melody closed the song perfectly; a calm beginning and a calm ending.  

This is overall a solid metalcore song from a great current band that definitely deserves more recognition.  A Sense of Purpose just headlined the Foundry in Lakewood this month, and I hope to see them sometime soon. I cannot wait to see what this year brings them – hopefully an EP or better yet an LP. 

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