Album Review: Dirty Heads- “SWIM TEAM”

Written by on October 30, 2017

Artist: Dirty Heads
Album: “SWIM TEAM”
Label: Five Seven Music
Release Date: October 13, 2017




Reggae hip-hop quintet Dirty Heads are at it again with the release of their new album “SWIM TEAM.” The reinvigorated album presents a unique face to Dirty Heads that hasn’t been heard that often. They still pack in their whiny rhymes, creating slant rhymes from thin air that don’t work but oddly enough, it works. “SWIM TEAM‘s” 11 tracks clock in at 35 minutes. Throughout the entire album, ST transmits a relaxed percussional sound for the most part, contrasting it with intense, cleverly written lyrics.

“Vacation,” the fourth track of the record, snares you with its upbeat, motivated lyrics singing, A-a-aye, I’m on vacation, every single day ’cause I love my occupation.” Let’s be honest, if we all somehow tangled ourselves into an occupation that felt like a vacation, you’d be singing it too.

“Celebrate” shadows “Vacation,” and the two fit perfectly sitting next to one another. “Celebrate” brings everything back into a realistic perspective with the opening lines, “Mom, if you can hear me, I think I made it.”

Dirty Heads’ previous albums boasted about their rhymes and how good they sounded on the radio, tip-toeing the line of being assholes. They flung their talents at people like a house drenched in rotten eggs, but over time, Dirty Heads grew up and crawled out of that conceited mindset.

Granted, if you have the talents, why not toss it around casually into conversation. ST definitely snarls back Dirty Heads’ mindset though and they became humble… and sat down (couldn’t resist, sorry.)

ST carries a lazy-riveresque sound but Dirty Heads do not lose sight of who they are and still pack their left hooks and jabs with spleen hurting lyrics, like on “Staloney” – “Oh no you think that you know me. You don’t know shit ‘bout me homie. I’m on a cliff hanging over. I’m so Sylvester Staloney.”

Yes, clearly that contradicts what is stated a few lines above but again, if you have the talents, why not toss it around now and then?

Overall, ST is Dirty Heads’ calmest and most reserved album yet, but they still sprinkle in those fast paced lyrics, with a dash of quick, summer vibe nostalgia that makes you wish that instead of being indoors reading this, you were hugged by the warm sun on a beach, serenaded by the sound of waves collapsing onto one another. While still reading this, of course.

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