The 2017 Soul Train Awards Delivers in a Big Way

Written by on December 3, 2017

The 2017 Soul Train Awards were everything we needed in more when it comes to Award shows. The most important things when it comes to music award shows is the music, and if there is gonna be music there has to be excellent live performances right?  Well as of late most have been “iffy” most recently X-tina’s Whitney Houston Tribute at the 2017 AMAs, (Sorry girl maybe next time or never.) but I digress. This year the performers at the Soul Train Awards made sure to not only give us the vocals we needed but made sure to add a little extra soul.

While there were so many amazing moments, it’s a shame I can’t list them all but I can list the very best.

  1. The Soul Cypher

Every year at BET’s Hiphop Awards there are multiple cyphers throughout the show where upcoming MCs and the hottest MCs get together and spit a freestyle. This year at the Soul Train Awards they decided to hold a cypher but instead of rapping they sang. With Erykah Badu as the DJ, Faith Evans, Fantasia, Bilal and Mali Music each sang their hearts out and served nothing but soul and greatness. It was definitely a highlight of the show and deserved to be recognized. I’m sure plenty of people would love more of this.

  1. 112 Reunite to give us the classics

It’s been a minute since the R&B group has been on anyone’s mind, so it was a pleasant surprise to see them reunite at this year Soul Train Awards. What was an even bigger shot was seeing them not miss one note or step and they performed. It was like they were all suddenly back in their 20s again. The group performed a medley of hits including “Peaches and Cream,” and “Cupid,” showing everyone that they still have it.

  1. Tamar Braxton delivers a showstopping performance of Blind

Though she has been in the media more for her personal life rather than music, Tamar Braxton made sure to shift the conversation with this performance. You could hear the heartache, the emotion and SOUL, when she performed at this year’s Soul Train Awards. Crazy facial expressions and all. Tamar showed up and showed out and it was definitely one of the top performances of the night.

  1. SWV finally receives the respect they deserve

SWV has been together for 25 years and for the first time in their career they finally received an award. Yes you read that right SWV won their first award at the 2017 Soul Train Awards as they were honored with the Lady of Soul Award. They performed tons of hits including “Right Here,” “So Into You,” and their platinum selling #1 single “Weak.” It was nice to see them finally get the recognition they deserved considering they are one of the best selling girl groups of all time. They even got some help from Method Man and U-God, take a look for yourself.

  1. Toni Braxton Receives the Don Cornelius Legend Award

Toni Braxton is one of the few legendary R&B singers that debuted in the 90s who still has vocals for days(No Shade). It was amazing to see her finally being honored with an award she truly deserves. Ro James, Jessie J, and Luke James kicked off the tribute with amazing performances of her hit songs, the biggest being ‘Unbreak My Heart.” Afterwards Toni took to the stage to perform other legendary hits including “Breathe Again,” You’re Making Me High,” and lastly “He Wasn’t Man Enough,” which she went and sang with her baby sister Tamar Braxton. Throughout the performance her vocals sounded fresh and you would’ve thought we were still in the 90s with how she looked and sounded. SHe then humbly accepted her award and thanked everybody and their mama. She even thanked Mr. and Mrs. Imashowyou which she explained were the people who don’t believe in your dreams so you tell them “Ima show you.” That one had the crowd pretty hype.

Overall this year’s Soul Train Awards had everything most of these award shows lacked this year. It was a treat to viewers everywhere and made people realize that R&B still matters and is still important, but not just any R&B, R&B with soul. Something most of these new artist lack.

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