10 Reasons Why The Toronto Raptors Will Win The 2019 NBA Finals

Written by on May 30, 2019

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According to Oddshark.com, the Golden State Warriors are currently listed as nearly three to one favorites to win the 2019 NBA Finals. Even with the Warriors listed as heavy favorites, the Toronto Raptors (+280) are becoming the trendy pick to win it all.  Here are my top ten reasons why.


  1. Jurassic Park

We’ve seen it on TV; the outdoor watch party Toronto has for each of their playoff games. Now, you couldn’t pay me to stand shoulder to shoulder in a crowd of hundreds of people.  That being said, it’s pretty cool, and I love the name Jurassic Park.


  1. Danny Green


Danny Green has shot terribly in the 2019 playoffs, but he’s an experienced veteran, and I expect him to be the ex-factor in this series. I like the Raptors chances if he can show shades of his big-shot making days in San Antonio.


  1. Kevin Durant’s “Calf Strain”


I’m a believer that Kevin Durant’s injury is just a calf strain. He has already been ruled out for Game 1 of the Finals, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he misses the entire series. Even if he comes back, I don’t believe he will be near 100 percent.


  1. Kawhi Leonard’s post game interviews


They’re an snl sketch, and I can’t wait for Leonard to break one of these times and actually say something.


  1. Nick Nurse


Nurse won the coaching battle with Mike Budenholzer in the conference finals by not being afraid to tweak his rotations and trusting his role players with extended minutes. He rode Fred Vanvleet at the end of Game 4 in favor of Kyle Lowry. He seems to be a Norman Powell whisperer, playing him just the right amount, I’ll be excited to see how Nurse defends the Warriors.


  1. The Oracle pricing out real fans


How many people do you meet that are “Warriors fans?” No Warriors fan should be allowed in Oracle unless they remember Andris Biedrins, the former player/mascot.


  1. The Raptors will come to their senses and burn those red alternate jerseys they’ve been wearing.


We’re all hoping Toronto wears their throwback dinosaur jerseys for one of these games, and please send those red jerseys to the nearest dumpster!


  1. Lowry’s injured thumb


Lowry is one of the rare NBA players that can put on 15 pounds during the NBA season(think Raymond Felton on the Knicks). With the injured thumb, it has to hinder the speed of food intake. Coincidentally, Lowry played great in the conference finals, and I think it will continue.


  1. Defensive Length


The length and defensive potential of the Raptors is incredible. Pascal Siakam and Leonard serve as two of the most versatile perimeter defenders in the NBA. The combination of their size and speed will allow them to match up with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson or Draymond Green depending on lineups. I also really like Serge Ibaka off the bench in this series on both the offensive and defensive end.


  1. Marc Gasol


I’m not sure why the acquisition of Gasol at the trade deadline didn’t get more attention. Throughout Gasol’s career, him and Mike Conley have carried an overachieving Grizzles team to playoff success. Now I know Gasol has struggled in these playoffs, but if he can hit shots and keep Green outside of the paint defensively, then the Raptors offense will flourish. If Gasol averages double digits in this series, you can mark it down; Raptors in 6.


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