What is BSR?

Welcome to Black Squirrel Radio.com, the home of Kent State University’s student run radio station.

Black Squirrel Radio is Kent State University’s student run radio station. Since its start in 2005, BSR has provided Kent State students with the opportunity to let their voices be heard over the airwaves.

Black Squirrel Radio has 56 radio shows a week during the fall and spring semesters. Every show is student run which gives DJ’s full creative control (within reason) of what goes on during their show. One of the best things about BSR is the diversity of shows we have during any given semester. Sports? Conspiracy theories? Korean Pop music? No matter what you’re poison, we’ve got a show for it here at BSR. We air online which means you can listen to us anywhere in the world, whether that be in Kent, Ohio or Komatsu, Japan.

In addition to radio programming, BSR also has a Web Staff of dedicated student writers, photographers and videographers that create content including album and concert reviews, interviews with local artists and anything else music or pop culture related for blacksquirrelradio.com. (No need to click the link, you’re already here)

If you have any inquires about BSR or are interested in joining our staff, please contact General Manager Brooke Forrest.

BSR is a media partner with Kent State Student Media. To advertise on BSR or learn more about Student Media visit kentstatestudentmedia.com


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