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Page: 2 “Mostly incoherent babbling, occasional goof-dabbling. Ever wonder what ad or movie that one song was in? No? Don’t worry, she’ll tell you anyways.” – Ode to Kristie My name is Kam and I am an international student. I have been a part of BSR for a year and music coordinator is my job. I have a passion for all art and I enjoy beatboxing and photography. Producing creative content and telling stories are what excites me. Hey! I’m a public relations and music business junior at Kent State University. I’m an Article Coordinator, and you’ll often find me at a concert, music festival or glass blowing! My favorite band is Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, and I love to write music festival, concert and album reviews, as well as conduct band […] Thinks music, snowboarding and eating grilled cheese sandwiches is pretty neat. Burns when exposed to direct sunlight for any amount of time. Is probably a troupe of garden gnomes in disguise. Evan Harms is a sophomore Digital Media Production student with an aggressive minor in Parks Management. He can help with the capture and production of primarily video and audio. I go by Rick or ERich. My interests are sports, food, pitchers who rake and fat guy touchdowns. Follow me on twitter @ThatBigPitch Mark Tabar is a student at Kent State University. He enjoys going to school and learning new things everyday. When he isn’t learning, he can be found either jamming out to musical tunes or doodling his life away. But to be completely honest, his only real concern is getting more of that Mulan schezuan […] Boomshakalaka everything in chaka ~ Blue Ivy Carter I’m a promotions coordinator for Black Squirrel Radio. I have been with the station since the Spring 2017 semester. I am a senior majoring in Applied Communications. I am very excited to finish out my senior year here, get a big girl job and stop serving 🙂

The BSR Web Staff is a collection of writers, photographers and videographers who create content for including concert reviews, podcasts and interviews with local artists. If you have any questions or would like to become involved with Web Staff, please contact Web Content Director Reid Smith ( Front Row: Brandon Lewis, Maria Serra, Kendra […]

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