Team Members Greetings and salutations! I’m Brooke the General Manager for BSR! I have been a web writer and BSR DJ with my show, The Mixtape, for six semesters. I am formerly the web director and now I’m very excited to be the GM of the station. I am movie obsessed and tend to be our […] Heyyy so I’m the programming director and this is my final semester and 9th semester at Kent State. My major is fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing and  I plan on moving west after graduation. I like traveling, cats, chocolate and matcha flavored things. I have seen the 1975 five times and I […] The most interesting thing about me is that I’m the music director for America’s #1 college radio station. My name is Reid and I’m the Web Content Director here at BSR. My job is to create great content for the website you’re currently on and help other web staffers in making their own great content. When not doing that, my time is spent listening to Genesis, looking up Game of Thrones fan theories, […] Former: Web Staff Writer/Coordinator DJ of Back Porch Annual (Hiatus) /The Night Loop (Current) Major: Journalism Degree Held: Associates in Firefighter Protection I’m just a guy trying to figure out stuff, among other things. Music is good. I am the Marketing Director here at Black Squirrel Radio. Majoring in good ol’ Business Management, it is my third semester here at the station and also my senior year. I’m a gal who craves the sea & gets pretty googly eyed every second I’m outside in nature. But at the end of the […] Chill tunes that make you say “That’s a vibe.” New music mixed with throwbacks. And of course… Queen Bey! Hey there! My name is Rob and I’m one of two Sports Directors for BSR. I’ve been with the station since 2014, but this is just my first year as a director and I’m living the dream. I’m a Junior Journalism major with a Sports Administration minor. When I’m not working as the sports […] I am a senior multimedia journalism major and also one of two sports directors at BSR. Sports are love, sports are life. I host The Final Countdown – a radio show right here on BSR. I’m really going to miss Kyrie Irving, and I dearly miss my boy Johnny Manziel. You’ll find me listening […] Hey all! I’m Sarah, the Design Director here at BSR. Really into nachos. I’m a visual communication design major, but I also think music rocks and rolls. My name is Maddy Crandall and I am a junior Public Relations major with an Advertising and Business minor. I love everything about music and have career aspirations to work in the music industry doing promotional work. I’m a third year student studying Sound Design at Kent State University. I dig making and experiencing music as well as doing water colors, swing dancing and watching reruns of Fox’s hit show Magic’s Biggest Secret’s Finally Revealed. I’m looking forward to working as BSR Radio’s technical director for this next upcoming year!

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