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9 Fictional Bands I Have Real Feelings About

By: Abbey Heslep I consider myself a lover of many bands. Typically, these bands have real members with real albums in the real world. Don’t get […]


10 Rap/ R&B Albums That Shook 2016

By: Jenna Langan 2016 was quite weird, but there’s no doubt it has been an immaculately powerful year for the Rap/R&B genres. Below, I have reviewed […]


The ‘Rocky’ Series: From Worst to First

Scribed by: Reid Smith Photo courtesy of ined21.com “You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!” – Mick Goldmill In case you’re not hip on […]


Bob Dylan’s Five Most Nobel Prize-worthy Songs

A look at the five most poetic songs from recent Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan Scribed by: Dylan Reynolds Image courtesy of xpn.org For the first […]


Five Essential Albums for an Autumn Experience

Scribed By: Erik Svensson Photo courtesy of play.wimpmusic.com Fall is a season with many facets to it, and there’s music to match it all. We see […]


10 Great Guitar Songs That You Should Know

By: Reid Smith photo courtesy of blogqpot.com Like all musical instruments, the guitar is multifaceted and there’s no one set way to play it. This article […]