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Out Of Step Sunday 10pm-Midnight

Out Of Step

Sunday 10pm-Midnight

End your weekend right with two hours of off the wall, unfiltered, punk chaos!

Hosted by: Scott McMaster, Brandon Emmert and Evan Harms

Out Of Step is an all vinyl and cassette radio show that focusses on playing a mix of subgeneres within the punk spectrum, as well as touching upon news and topics that are relevant to the punk subculture. Being an all analogue show gives us the opportunity to show off our latest LP repressing and short run 7 inches or a tape from a local show, and geek out about them with you! So if you want to end your weekend with a little bit of chaos, then bust out the dental floss and your giant bag of studs and tune in to Out Of Step!

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  1. Sam Bernhofer   On   December 10, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    I hope I didn’t make anyone feel bad with my comment about the techmolololgies. It’s awesome what ya’ll are doing ,and I wish there was anything this punk going on when I was at Kent (2008-2012).

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