On Air

No Tea, No Shade

Wednesday 10pm-12am

No Tea, No Shade gives you insight to Kent State's organizations and students, discussing what they need and want while expressing their contempt

Scheduled on:
Wednesday 10:00 pm 12:00 am
Hosted by: Zaria Moore, Emelia Sherin

No Tea, No Shade? Well, cozy up with a mug and wear a baseball cap because there’s about to be TEA and SHADE. Reaching out to the student body and on-campus organizations, we dive into the depths of students minds to better understand what they need and want out of their years of studying and experience at Kent State University. From bio-med to journalism and dance team to Dungeons and Dragions, we want you to raise your voice and tell us who you are what you need. Communication is key, our dear tea drinkers! This freedom of expression and brainstorming ideas to better Kent State’s campus will knock your socks off! If you’re even wearing any.

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