Mobile DJ Director: Sydney Cohen

Hello, Kamusta, Hola, 안녕하세요,  こんにちは!

My name is Sydney but you can call me Syd! I’m a senior fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing.This spring will mark my third semester as the Mobile DJ Director for Black Squirrel Radio! I started out as a DJ with a co-host at BSR three years ago with my electronic music show called Space Junk, and now currently have my own show called The Cave, where I mix live on turntables and play music from all over the world.

I’ve done a variety of events as Mobile DJ such as a robotics competition, fundraisers, dorm hall and campus events, and more, so please feel free to email me about any questions or inquiries! Black Squirrel Radio would love to be the plug to provide music for your events!

Mobile DJ Director: Sydney Cohen,