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Meet the Team

General Manager

General Manager: Layne Gerbig

Howdy! My name is Layne, and I’m ecstatic to be General Manager here at BSR this semester! I was a DJ last semester for a show called Turn Up Tuesdays and I loved every second of it.

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Programming Director

Programming Director: Ashley Markle

IMG_4377 Programming Director, Dog lover

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Marketing Director

Marketing Director: Isabella Grossi

IMG_9858 I am the Marketing Director for Black Squirrel Radio. I am a junior public relations major and marketing minor at Kent State.

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Music Director

Music Director: Maxwell Nobis

My dopeness matters.

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Mobile DJ Director

Mobile DJ Director: Sydney Cohen

Hello, Kamusta, Hola, 안녕하세요,  こんにちは! My name is Sydney but you can call me Syd! I'm a senior fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing.This spring will mark my third semester as the Mobile DJ Director for Black Squirrel Radio! I started out as a DJ with a co-host at BSR three years ago with my electronic music show called Space Junk, and now currently have my own show called The Cave, where I mix live on turntables and play music from all over the world.

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Sports Director

Sport Director: Ryan Landolph

The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals

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Website Director

Website Director: Brooke Forrest

brooke forrest Hey! I'm Brooke, the BSR Web Director! I help keep things running on the station site and work with our web staff to create rad original content for the site! I am also a DJ at BSR with my show The Mixtape.

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Graphic Design Director

Graphic Design Director: Sarah Tamilio

img_1286-jpg Somewhat an interesting person.

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Design Coordinator

Design Coordinator: Michael Satira

I have an iPhone 6

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Podcast Coordinator

Podcast Coordinator: Patrick Kern

Patrick Kern

I really want a bagel right now.

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Music Coordinator

Music Coordinator: Craig Zombar

IMG_9897 I listen to is mainly through the pop punk, metalcore, hardcore and other subgenres in that scene.

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Sports Coordinator

Sports Coordinator: Eric Pitcher

Follow me on twitter @ThatBigPitch

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Design Coordinator

Design Coordinator: Mark Tabor

Mark Tabar is a student at Kent State University. He enjoys going to school and learning new things everyday. When he isn't learning, he can be found either jamming out to musical tunes or doodling his life away. But to be completely honest, his only real concern is getting more of that Mulan schezuan chicken nugget dipping sauce. That is what it has always been about.

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Tech Director

Tech Director: Stewart Blackwood

I dig making and experiencing music as well as doing water colors, swing dancing and watching reruns of Fox's hit show Magic's Biggest Secret's Finally Revealed.

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Article Coordinator

Article Coordinator: Reid Smith

Reid staff photo "Music is the only religion that delivers the goods" - Frank Zappa

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Sports Director

Sports Director: Rob DiFranco

I like Sports so much it hurts

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Production Director

Production Director: Beau Kuhn

IMG_9894 Click "More Info" to receive a FREE COOKIE!

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Promotions Director

Promotions Director: Megan Hermensky

IMG_9856 I work with venues to coordinate different ticket giveaways, and plan internal and external promotional events for BSR DJs and audiences.

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Fundraising Director

Fundraising Director: Amanda Beck

amanda beck staff I love music I happen to love cats, chocolate ice cream, and Italy (Spent last semester there).

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